Brass Roots Interviews: Kermit Ruffins

Hey everyone!

We’ve been hard at work every free day we have editing video. We’re glad to announce we’ve gone through over 100 hours of concert footage and lined it all up and trimmed the fat. We’ve also gone through half of our interviews and began cutting and editing everything down to the point where we can put it all to music.

We’re also pleased to bring you this quick snippet of footage we put together from our interview with Kermit Ruffins, one of the founding members of the Rebirth Brass Band and the current leader of the BBQ Swingers, outside of his regular Thursday night spot at Vaughn’s Lounge in the Bywater.

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Brass Roots News: 9/22/11


It’s been a while since our last newsletter and it’s been for good reason. We’ve been editing like crazy and also in the process of scheduling our last music shoots and collecting b-roll.

This past weekend, we had a little fun with some of our equipment and got a chance to put one of our cameras on the top of the Benny Pete’s sousaphone with the Hot 8 and had it take a picture every 10 seconds during the Goodfellas second line that went through Uptown yesterday.

We’ve put together the over 900 pictures that were taken and added a track from the Hot 8 concert we recorded at the Blue Nile and made it our video of the week.


Like we just said, it’s a view of a second line that you’ve never seen before. Presenting the Hot 8 Brass Band and the Goodfellas Social Aid & Pleasure Club in time-lapse form.

We hope this video gives people a greater understanding of the incredible spectacle that is a second line parade. Watch closely and you’ll see that this parade pretty much shut down St. Charles Ave and most of Uptown as it rolled through the city.


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Summer is over!

Summer is over! We hope you all had a nice relaxing summer. Although we had a great time our summer was incredibly busy! Thanks to our backers, we were able to achieve our Kickstarter goal and went strait to work. We filmed the Treme Brass Band at the Candlelight Lounge, the Soul Rebels at Le Bon Temps, the Stooges at Hi-Ho Lounge, and Hot 8 at the Blue Nile. We were also able to interview Trombone Shorty, Dancing Man 504, Kirk Joseph, Big Sam, SAPC Task Force, Phil Fraizer, Gregory “Koon” Veals, Stafford Agee, and Craig Klein of Bonerama. Stay tuned for updates as we wind down our production and begin finalizing Brass Roots.

Brass Roots News: 5/12/11

Last week we announced that reached Kickstarter and that we raised over $20,000 to finish production! This is a very exciting time for us as now we have the resources to finish filming bands and interviews and begin post-production.

We’re now excited to announce that we’ll be filming the Treme Brass Band at their regular spot in the Candlelight Lounge on May 25th. We’re also in talks with several other bands about filming and will be announcing date and times as they’re nailed down.

We’re also talking with TBC, Stooges and New Orleans musician Paul Sanchez and we’ll hopefully be hammering out their interviews soon!

Unfortunately, between Jazz Fest and the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we weren’t able to produce an original Brass Roots Movie video for y’all, but we hope you don’t hold that against us. Since we know that we’ve got you in the habit of watching some amazing brass band videos, this week we’re going to link to this amazing and rare footage of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band playing a second line all the way back in 1982!

Pictures: Jazzfest 2011

Check out this photo slideshow featuring some of the New Orleans brass band musicians that were performing at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival!

Brass Roots News: 5/4/11

Last week we announced that we reached our Kickstarter goal!

Since then, we’ve continued to raise money and are now well past the $20,000 we were hoping for. We still have until MIDNIGHT tonight to raise money so if you haven’t donated or know other people who haven’t, tell them it’s now or never and to go to this link:

Now that we know we have our cash, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be filming the Treme Brass Band at their regular spot in the Candlelight lounge. We’re also in talks with several other bands about filming and will be announcing date and times as they’re nailed down.

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Thanks for support Brass Roots and be sure to check out all the band listings from now until next week after the jump!
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VIDEO: “Gilded Splinters” by Glen David Andrews

Happy Good Friday everyone!

We have so much to be thankful for on this holiday weekend, including more than $14k reasons over on our Kickstarter campaign!

With just 12 days to go we have to raise the final $5k to make sure we get the funding we need to finish our film. Kickstarter’s message to us has always been: “You can always raise more but never less!” meaning if we don’t get to $20k we GET NOTHING.

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Onto the video (which you would have seen by now if you donated to our Kickstarter or signed up for our newsletter):

Last week we had the pleasure to film Glen David Andrews as he was recording his new single, “Gilded Splinters”, a remix of the Dr. John classic “I walk on gilded splinters”. Glen has played with several brass bands and is a staple in the local music scene and was one of the earliest artist we interviewed about brass bands.

We were delighted to put together this music video, compiling footage of him performing at French Quarter Fest and Tipitina’s, as well as him, his band and New Orleans guitarist Paul Sanchez recording the single in Lowell, Mass. and here in New Orleans at the house of our audio engineer, Michael Seaman.

Also, we should not that the Tipitina’s footage was shot at Glen’s “Trumpets Not Guns” benefit and we encourage everyone to check out the wonderful work they’re doing.

Brass Roots News: 4/20/11

Walter Ramsey of the Stooges Brass Band

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Not only do backers get cool rewards, they also get early access to updates on our project that include new videos, audio and other work-in-progress media that you’ll only see if you pledge. If we can get 100 to donate $15 that’s $1500!!! Help us spread the word and support New Orleans brass band music!

Speaking of, hit the jump for this week’s music schedule.
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Brass Roots News: 4/13/11

Brass Roots now has a newsletter!

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The other BIG news is that we have 21 days left in our Kickstarter! As of this writing, we have just over $12,000 and 80 backers supporting our project. Today, we’re releasing a copy of our live recording of the Rebirth Brass Band’s “Why Your Feet Hurt?” EXCLUSIVELY to people who have pledged donations to Brass Roots. Donate today!

And speaking of Rebirth: Their brand new album “Rebirth of New Orleans” is out in stores! Purchase it here or here or here!

Derrick Tabb, snare drummer for Rebirth, is also the founder of the Roots of Music. This non-profit organization provides free after-school tutoring, music classes and hot meals to at-risk New Orleans youth. Elementary and middle-school students take part in this wonderful program that teaches them how to perform in a genuine New Orleans marching band.

Check out our video with Derrick below!


Hit the jump for brass bands listings for the week ahead.
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Photos: Brass Roots Trumpeters

This gallery is a tribute to some of our favorite New Orleans trumpeters.